Dazzle Interactive Network Technologies, an exclusive mobile game company under China Telecom (NYSE: CHA), focuses on providing one-stop service package to help international game developers publish and operate games in China.

Marketing and Promotion

Live Operation

IP and Content Protection

As the first android app store in the industry, eGame爱游戏 has helped thousands of developers to gain benefits. Moreover, with diversified target users accruing year after year, eGame has become a perfect platform of soft launch for game developers and provide them with firsthand data, identify bugs, improve features and gauge users’ opinions.

Assist more than 1,600 game developers achieve profitability in China.

China Telecom big data intelligence operating ability.

Provide over 10,000 newest and the most complete category of mobile games.

Cover over 300 million users and exceed 800 million game downloads over all.

Over years, as a part of strategic layout, Dazzle has devoted itself to expanding more comprehensive business lines and integrating resources for the purpose of supporting traditional game operation and game publishing business, so that we could go through the whole loop from game development to distribution, and that’s what we call eco-system.


"Play.cn online play" is an integrated entertainment web portal for casual and hardcore players, providing MOBA, game simulation, reward system and other online game services. It also provides mobile games, TV games, game forum, etc. fully satisfy the needs of various gamer groups.


WEFUN e-Sports tournament has been held annually since 2014, and it is one of the earliest mobile gaming competitions in China. Overall, WEFUN competitions have been held regularly in university campus and city business centers of 30 plus 1st- and 2nd-tier cities across China, and enjoyed by 132 million gamers and online audiences. Game dreaming, fun competing!

Thumbling Park

This membership program introduces thousands of international educational apps with fine content to 2-12 years old children and their parents. Children can find the right balance between education and entertainment in this program. Parents, can subscribe it through monthly membership and use it anywhere. Thumbling Park also provide a solution to game developers who make premium games and can’t make a profit in China Android market, where the freemium games are still the mainstream.

Egame TV game center

"Egame TV game center" is the largest and most professional TV game aggregation platform in China. The TV game team integrates industry resources to provides professional technical and operational services for each partner. Dazzle provides multiple payment method options such as Telecom broadband, Alipay and WeChat for subscription, and all the TV games are free for subscribers. Dazzle shares the revenues with developers according to the players’ behavior.

Egame designated data package

Egame designated data package is designed for key online game players. It provides free mobile data services for designated games within the province. Egame has been cooperating with Tencent, NetEase, Giants and other well-known manufacturers. It has subscribers over 1 million with monthly revenue reached ¥10million.

We’ ve maintained solid business cooperation with more than 1,600 worldwide game developers to introduce original mobile games to players through our own platform and over 300 distribution channels operated by our strategic partners. We, together with our strategic partners, cover 95% of China Android mobile market.

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